Your Cheapest Defense Against Major Auto Repair Bills.

Oil Change? I’m to busy.
Changing oil on a regular basis is important to help keep your vehicle running at top efficiency,not to mention that frequent oil changes can prevent many MAJOR breakdowns, that is the reason Warranty Companies are so insistent on regular maintenance. If your maintenance is not done you risk your repairs being denied.That being said lets examine who and where we should have this service done. All of us love a bargain but in this case the bargain may wind up costing a lot more.
Oil Change? I’ll do it next week.
It seems that on almost every vacant corner lube/oil shops are popping up, their only function is to change your oil fast, no appointment required, and best of all CHEAP. Here is how they do it, the quality of oil used (it may have a well known brand name, but that company makes several qualities of oil under their label), it is not what you find off the shelf in most repair shops.
Oil Change? A few more miles won’t matter.
The filters that they sell as replacements are again not top quality, and always come from a third-world country, (where they are made is not the concern but the quality is). Finally the employees generally have no mechanical or tech. training and if there is a problem or potential problem they won’t find it. All that being said, our advice is take your vehicle to a certified repair facility, it may cost abit more but in the long run it will be worth it.

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