Signs that your car is about to die

Got stranded in the middle of the road with a dead car? Well, you are not alone. Cars of all brands and costs give you a handful of signs that they are struggling and crying for help. So to help you identify such signs we have listed the top 5 warning signs that your car gives before it ultimately dies. Pay close attention for these warning signs and make sure to take your car to the nearest mechanic if you see one of them. This will ensure that your car remains in good condition and you can continue to enjoy a comfortable ride.

  1. The classic noisiness and difficulty in starting

You get into your car and turn the key only to realise that the car is just not starting or you get weird noises while you try to start. The reasons could be anything from a cranky starter motor to a dead or damaged battery. It is strongly suggested to use premium fuel with permissible octane levels for a seamless start. If the car doesn’t start, always get it checked by an authorized mechanic for any ignition issues.

  1. Oil leaks and oil thirst

Oil leaks are a common and nasty issue with older cars. Oil pool beneath such cars is a clear cut sign that the car is almost dead and needs an urgent visit to the mechanic shop. Even newer cars that have issues with the fluid system face an unquenchable thirst for oil. If you constantly have to replenish your brake oils, power steering fluids and transmission fluids, you can be sure that your car is expecting its last moments anytime. You should consider exchanging cash for cars once your car faces severe oil issues.

  1. An illuminated dashboard

When all the lights in the dashboard glow, it is a definite sign that your car is literally dying. The more the number of lights on the dashboard flash, the more the problems the car is bound to give you. In particular, when the oil pressure or the check engine lights flash, drive your car to the repair shop right then.  

  1. Strange smokes of all colors and volumes

Smokes of any sort and any color like white, gray, black and blue coming from the exhaust or the engine is a serious problem under the hood. The thick smoke can also be the result of poor quality fuel or even cooling system damage. Get it checked so that you don’t get stranded in the middle of the road with engine failure.  The black smoke from the exhaust which indicates a burnt engine or the smell of fuel inside the cabin are major danger signs that require you to visit the Adelaide wreckers than a service center.

  1. A failed front suspension

Generally, all cars pick the road unevenness and bumps fairly well without much focus on the steering. But if you face the car wobbling and bouncing with every turn, your car has problems with the front hydraulics suspension. It could be a minor problem with the shocks and ball joints that needs your car to visit the  repair shop. If you ignore, the situation of you getting stranded in the middle of the road is just a matter of time!

Get your cars serviced at regular intervals from an authorized service center to ensure smooth and hassle-free rides. When the car becomes next to dead, the wisest option is to sell your car with a car wreckers who buy your junk and even dysfunctional car for cash.

Maxine B. Sandoval

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