Modern car maintenance tips that help you save money

Your car is an essential and precious possession of yours. Then why not invest some extra time, money, and effort on its maintenance to ensure its longevity?

Cleaning the is something that we all do diligently, but do we check the other intricacies like tyre pressure, turbocharger, and engine oil levels regularly?

Some of these parts like iload Turbo and tyre tube can cost a bomb, so taking precautions is better on any given day.

Let’s check out some of the car maintenance tips that help you save money.

Car Maintenance Tips

  • Tyre Pressure

Your tyres take a lot of burnt – it runs over a lot of things like nails, tree branches, boards, etc. which destroys them. Tires of modern cars like SUVs can be fairly costly, so it’s essential to check its health regularly.

Start with checking the tyre pressure, as inappropriate pressure can disturb the longevity of tyres causing faster wear and tear.

While underinflated tyres affect fuel consumption, overinflated tyres. And if they are underinflated affect grip and cause accidents,

Best time to check the tires’ pressure is when they are cold. Also, once in a two months check for any other wear and tear, cracks, clipped belts, or any other problems.

  • Lubrication

The oil acts as the blood of an engine. Read your car’s manual and purchase synthetic oil if advised, as it reduces carbon emission and is suitable for your engine. Each vehicle comes with different weight and viscosity of the oil. Learn about it while purchasing the car and ensure to oil your car parts regularly.

Another crucial part near the engine is the turbocharger. It is a pretty simple device but changing it can cost you a bomb, like replacement cost of Mazda CX7 Turbo is somewhere between $1,746 and $2,728.

With little care and service, you can avoid such unnecessary expenses.

  • Fluid level

Checking fluids level of car parts is one of the simplest and operational methods to maintain the longevity of your car. You can check most of these yourselves without the help of any mechanic. Make sure to check that your car has the precise levels of oil, transmission oil, antifreeze, wiper fluid, power steering fluid, and brake oil.

Checking the different levels of oils can help you to save thousands of bucks on pointless repair bills. Do not wait till the last moment and for the indicators to warn you about the falling levels, as along with being costly, sudden failures on the road can put your and your family’s life at risk.

  • Keep your car clean

Washing your car daily is not sufficient when it comes to cleaning your car thoroughly.

You need to clean the interior regularly to ensure that dust particles do not form any layers on any of the ducts. To get rid of dust, use a vacuum cleaner once a month.

Clean the when with wipes for better grip and to maintain hygiene. Also, do not use dog shampoo to clean the exterior, as they affect the car paint. Whereas car cleaners are specifically made to ensure the longevity of the car’s paint and every wash will give a fresh look to your car.

  • Indicators and lights

Do not take the indicators and the lights – headlights, tail lights, brake light for granted. All of these play a crucial road when you are on the highways and sudden damage of anyone these can cause accidents. So, get them checked regularly, at least once in two months.

In most of the cases, local workshops can help you with these, and you also won’t have to invest much on these small checks.

  • Wipers

Another less significant part of the car, which plays a very crucial role on the roads are the wipers. A poor rubber of old wiper can cause damage to your windscreen, as it catches dust and rubs it on the glass.

You spend a lot on purchasing the best car for yourself, and with the above few tips, you can cherish it for a longer while ensuring your and your family’s safety on the roads.

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