How to overcome being alone when you travel

My trip would be an adventure of a lifetime filled with exciting and colorful people. I was going to experience some amazing things. I would make friends all over the world. I would be talking to strangers on buses. Locals would invite you to a drink. I would be enjoying a latte and striking up a conversation with my waitress. The next thing I knew, I would be sitting at a wine bar staring into her eyes as she taught me, French.

It would be exactly like the travel movies I had seen or articles I had read. Each scene was an adventure.

It was a hostel. I was on the road and saw incredible sights in historic cities. I was free to do what I wanted, whenever I wanted. I marched to my beat.

It was initially exciting because I had to set my daily schedule and do everything alone.

I was so busy the first few days that I forgot I was alone. That was fine until it wasn’t.

As the days passed and my tongue lost its ability to speak, the excitement faded. I craved human interaction and companionship.

I suddenly felt alone, and it was a bad feeling.

The loneliness of being alone has been replaced by loneliness.

I was supposed to be shown around by locals. These were the cool people I would spend nights with. When I ran out of activities, I couldn’t hide my loneliness.

I could have moved on to another city, hoping for the magic, but it was the destination that caused it, not me.

It was me. It doesn’t happen to you; you must make it occur.

Being an introvert, it’s not natural for me to walk up to strangers and start a conversation. This was particularly true when I started traveling in 2006. (Actually, I find it difficult to resist the natural urge not to talk.

However, that fear kept me from achieving the dreams I had in mind. To make those dreams come true, I had to do everything I could to make them happen.

Many people wonder if being alone while traveling means they will never be able to make friends. How can they make friends? How do they make friends?

It’s a legitimate concern. For those who don’t socialize naturally, it can be a challenge. It’s a lot simpler than you might think.

Many people travel solo.

There are many people just like you.

For those looking for adventure.

People who are open to interaction with others.

The other is.

When people at my Prague hostel started to talk to me, I was able to overcome the feeling of being alone. They were the first to reach out to me, which was a blessing. They broke the barrier I was too scared to break, and now I’m just waiting for “something” to happen.

After they broke the ice, it became clear that it was much easier and less frightening than I had thought. These travelers were just like me, looking for friends.

You have to make things happen. You must go out and speak to strangers.

Although it took me some time to realize this truth, I could meet people without difficulty. Making a mountain from a molehill was easy after the travelers introduced themselves and showed me how simple it was. There was nothing to fear. It was enough to say hello.

Because we all started in the same place: In a foreign land without friends, learning the language and looking for others to share our time with. Realizing this, you will also see how easy it is for you to make friends. Everyone is exactly like you.

This is the key. It’s not more difficult to overcome loneliness than to be able to say “hi” and get over yourself.

Start small and get out of your shell. Talk to the person living in your dorm. Say hello. Ask them about their lives. I can assure you that they will answer. They will ask about you.

Ask other travelers to do the same. You will see the group heading for the bar. Ask them if they are interested in joining you. Walk over to the pool table at the hostel and ask, “Who’s next?” There you are!

The sharing economy makes it easy to find people. You are likely passionate about one thing, I’m sure. People all over the globe share that passion. Find local groups that share your passion. This is a great way for people to get to know each other. It establishes a connection instantly.

Maxine B. Sandoval

Road To Paradiso is a travel blog that brings out the travel companion stories together so that anyone can learn from the experiences and decide which city to wander, what travel items to carry, and what time to visit.

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