Five Hidden Gems for Your Itinerary: Set Sail in Greece

It is a wonderful experience to sail blissfully through the multitude of Greek islands.

You’ll quickly discover that no two islands can be the same as travelling through tranquil fishing villages or docking in bustling ports. It’s important to distinguish the well-trodden islands worth sidestepping from those hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Here are five steps you should add to your island-hopping itinerary if you plan to visit the 6,000-strong Greek archipelago.

Porto Heli and the Peloponnese

Peloponnese is one of the most sacred regions in Greece. This is my favourite pit stop to get a taste of history and culture. It’s charming and rustic.

You can easily spend several weeks exploring the five sacred archaeological sites in the area, including the birthplace of the Olympics and Epidaurus, an ancient theatre built in the 3rd Century BC with amazing acoustics.

You can dock your boat in Porto Heli, a colourful harborside resort. Here you can enjoy the lively coffee-sipping atmosphere before enjoying some local fish at one of the many waterside eateries.

This diverse landscape offers some of the best hiking and biking opportunities in the country, with rocky mountains and verdant olive trees.

The Peloponnese offers something for everyone, whether you are a luxury residence proprietor at Aman or just passing through.


It is worth the trip to Skiathos before arriving at Skopelos. Here there is no airport. You can only arrive by boat.

You’ll first notice the rugged coastline as you sail toward the island. Your attention will soon be diverted to Skopelos Town’s port. White-walled homes nestled in the hillsides are crowned with terracotta tiles. You’ll find chapels, monasteries and even the remains of an old fortress scattered throughout the landscape.

Mama Mia is a box office hit, and you might know it. But that shouldn’t be the reason to go. The rolling hills invite the explorers to stop by one of the local tavernas on their slopes to enjoy a delicious local meal and a beautiful view.

Skopelos is a great choice for those who love to explore on foot and then retire to a charming traditional restaurant later in the evening.


The tiny island lies in the middle of the sparkling sea, just off the coast of Corfu. It is largely uninhabited, and there are no tourist attractions. This is rural Greece at its best.

Many residents from neighbouring Paxos travel the 2km to the island every day to tend to their vines. You should make sure you have Antipaxos wine on your bucket list. It won’t be available in stores elsewhere, so you will need to travel to get it. The beaches are some of Greece’s most beautiful and serene. They boast shallow, crystal-clear waters that make them a great place to relax for a day.


Loutro is located on the southwest coast of Crete in a small area of calm waters. Although it’s not an easy walk, the foothills lead to Loutro.

The village is located at the foothills of a 600-metre high mountain. It has been a stopping point for boats for hundreds and years. You will find nothing but sun, sea and serenity, with no hotels, restaurants, or busy streets to be found.

If you’re here to hike, visit during the cooler months of Spring or Autumn.


Amorgos, shaped elegantly like a seahorse and has a stunning natural beauty, should be on every sailing enthusiast’s bucket list.

Tourists flock to the island to see the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, perched on the top of the hills. However, it would be best to spend your time in the coves and sheltered bays. Aegiali bay and Katapola bay are great spots for a relaxing day amid stunning natural beauty.

The island’s jagged coastline has made it a favourite spot for rock climbing and a popular diving site with abundant marine life. To discover the remains of Kastri, an ancient settlement that was occupied from the Mycenaean through Roman times, visit Arkensi at the island’s southern tip.

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