Expert tips for driving safely on mountain roads

Chances are that most drivers from the plains know very little about driving techniques in hilly areas and thus end up using their car horns more than the car’s mechanicals. In fact, many of them don’t know the proper use of the gears in hilly roads which leads to the overcooking of the brakes while driving downhill.

Mountain roads can present major challenges for you and your vehicle if you’re hailing from one of the plain areas. According to several surveys, a large percentage of hill road accidents involve drivers from plains. So, it’s better to prepare yourself for the hardships that await you on the mountain roads. Follow these tips listed below to make your mountain journey a lot safer and enjoyable.

Tips for driving safe on mountainous roads

1. Overtaking

As your sight of vision will be shorter while driving uphill and also the fall of the headlights would be limited, drive with utmost care so that, the traffic against you which is moving faster coming down the hill doesn’t panic or distract you. Don’t forget to check the traffic signals for bends, narrow bridges and any other relevant pieces of information before overtaking. Also, don’t forget to watch the vehicle in front for any signs of change in speed, an overtaking move or swerving. Keeping an eye on the vehicle in front of you will help you to make better decisions as he has a better view of the road and obstructions ahead.

2. Proper use of car’s mechanics

On an uphill climb, gravity will slow you down. Put the use of lower gears more for the steeper roads as lower gears generate more torque than the higher gears, which is the only thing required to move your vehicle in an uphill.

During a long steep downhill, gravity causes the speed of your vehicle to increase. So, it’s important to select an appropriate safe speed, which can be attained by the use of low gears along with proper and judicious braking techniques.

Brakes work due to the friction created between the pads and the discs. Naturally, the friction causes heat and the excessive heat can cause damages to the braking system. It’s therefore important to balance engine braking with mechanical braking techniques. Moreover, if you think that your car is old enough to take on a hill trip, you can sell your car in Auckland and buy a new car that is better equipped with features for your mountain trip.

Or maybe at some point in time, you have totally wrecked your car in an accident, chances are there that the car mechanics will not work properly. And driving in hilly areas is all about your car’s functionality which is at stake. It would be a better idea if can look car for sales in Auckland to get rid of the old one.

3. Special Note: Getting rid of the damaged car

If it happens that your car meets with an accident in the dangerous mountain roads and you feel that fixing it is not worth it, then it would be a wise decision to sell your car in Auckland.

4. Speeds and curves

Always remember that braking in a curve is dangerous as it can cause the vehicle to spin out of control. So, use the brakes judiciously and slow down to a safe speed before you enter a curve.  Your speed should be normal and should not exceed the posted speed limit for the curves. During an uphill drive, before curving use the ideal gear that will allow slight acceleration through the curve as this will help maintain control. Allow gravity to provide a slight acceleration when driving a curve downhill.

5. Maintain your lane position while entering a corner

Avoid head-on collisions by maintaining the right lane position around a bend. Always try to stay centered in the lane as it helps to maintain a safe clearance on all sides of the vehicle.  Don’t ever try to hug the outside of a curve as it increases the chance of dropping a tire off the paved portion of the road. This can cause you to lose traction on your vehicle which can led to a major accident.  

Whereas hugging the inside of a curve increases your chances of a head-on accident with the vehicles moving on the opposite lanes as you end up driving in the wrong lane and have little time to avoid an oncoming vehicle or even rocks on the road.

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