An Introvert Travel Guide For Surviving Vacation With An Extrovert

Road trip with a friend sounds perfect. They bring a new perspective to sightseeing, great conversation at mealtimes and a desire to make memories. Or does it? Dan Buettner (HT0_ Psychology Today contributor) says that as many as 50% of people are introverts. They prefer to be alone and reflect, and as such, can identify with as high as 50%. For introverts, traveling with someone who is more comfortable in solitude and less inclined to be stimulated by social interaction can seem stressful.

There are many ways that people of different personalities can coexist happily. For more tips on introvert travel, read this article. For those times when you need to block out the sound of an airplane, bus or car, invest in some noise-canceling headphones. Your travel companion should know that your headphones will be on when you are charging your phone. Ask them to stop talking until they take off your headphones. To give the illusion that you are sleeping, or to actually take a nap, an eye mask can be brought.

Graphic Subhead – Introvert Travel – Schedule Quiet Time

Even the most extroverts can find a full day of sightseeing exhausting. So, suggest to your partner that you take some time each evening to unwind. You can designate an hour before dinner as “quiet,” where you each take a break to read, write, or listen to music (using headphones). You will both feel refreshed and ready for dinner or any other evening activities.

Graphic Subhead – Introvert Travel – Go On A Walking Tour

Not only are walking tours a great way to see a city, but they’re also ideal for introverts and extroverts. While you can take in all the information, your companion will ask questions and interact with others. You don’t have to do anything other than walk between places. This allows you to interact with anyone, even your travel buddy.

Graphic Subhead – Introvert Travel – Turn To Technology

Over the past few years there has been an explosion in mindfulness and meditation apps. They are perfect for those moments when you just need to get away from it all. You can find time to yourself anywhere you go as long as you have a smartphone with earbuds. The Mindfulness App offers sessions that are as short as three minutes. Calm and Headspace are also options.

Graphic Subhead – Introvert Travel – Keep Fit

You can get more out of exercise than your physical health by getting up earlier or staying up later. And there’s no way your friend can object to you wanting to work up an appetite for all those amazing vacation meals!

Graphic Subhead – Introvert Travel 0 Do Your Own Thing

There is no rule that states you have to spend every moment with your travel companion. You can choose a time when you want to explore solo and then set up a meeting place and time. You and your travel partner can have the opportunity to try something new together. It also gives you and your travel partner a new topic to discuss once you reunite.

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