5 Transmission Troubles that you Might need to Look out for!

The transmission is an interesting piece of machinery. Its main job is to transfer the engine power to the wheels. It also has other functions like regulating the speed of the engine; and most importantly, making sure that the engine doesn’t spin out of control. So, now you know how important the transmission system of a vehicle is. But, unfortunately for you, transmission problems are much more common than you think. That might get you thinking that auto transmissions are quite delicate flowers. But, that’s not the case.

Automatic transmissions just require the right things to be in place, to keep it running right. Even though they don’t need to be cared for, at every bat of an eye, they do need routine maintenance. Delays in the fixing of any early warning signs given by the transmission system may make the situation even worse. This may be because the car owner has no knowledge about transmission problems in general. Transmission problems, if left unattended, can get even worse and end up damaging the crucial parts of your vehicle. So, you need to pay close attention to your vehicle; and if needed, call for an auto transmission repair service. Kismet Mechanical is one of the best auto transmission repair specialists that you can go for. They are proficient in taking care of different kinds of problems that could arise with your vehicle.

5 transmission troubles that need a serious repair

So, if you experience transmission troubles, don’t hesitate to take the help of professionals, or in case of other car problems like getting your tyres changed. Alexandria is home to many such efficient car repairing services, and you wouldn’t have to worry at all. Your car will be in good hands. So, you need to pay serious attention to every small detail. This way, you will be able to put an end to your troubles in the early stage itself, much before you are deep in the hole.

  • Grinding noise: Noises like grinding, whining, or any other which take place when you shift, are definite symptoms of trouble. The reason can be traced back to a mechanical failure or a lack of transmission fluid. So, make sure to take your car to a service centre as soon as you hear such noises.
  • Out of gear: Transmission trouble can also occur when your transmission pops out of drive or get into neutral all of a sudden. This is highly dangerous as the driver is not able to control the vehicle properly. Erratic shifting is quite common in automatic transmissions so head to a repair shop right away.
  • Burning smell: You will be welcomed with a burning clutch smell as you try to control the pedals while accelerating out of first gear. This characteristic burning smell will only occur in times when the car needs a new clutch or even a clutch adjustment.
  • Slow response: Does your car speak of a slow response as the automatic transmission attempts to shift? This is mostly due to low transmission fluid, as this fluid is solely responsible for offering the hydraulic power that’s needed to get through the gears.
  • Leaking transmission: Transmission fluid has a distinctive red colour and so is easy to be identified. If you come across such a red puddle in your driveway, there’s definitely a leak that you need to look into. Leaking fluids can consequently cause other major problems.

So, these were some of the main problems that could crop up with your auto transmission system. As a responsible vehicle owner, you should be well aware before something small turns into something bigger. Be on the lookout for the signs, make sure to pay attention to the symptoms, or you could soon be on the road to expensive repairs without even knowing it.


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